Hybrid Rebeca


Hybrid Rebeca, is an extension of actor-based language Rebeca, to support modeling of cyber-physical systems. In this extension, physical actors are introduced as new computational entities to encapsulate the physical behaviors. To support various means of communication among the entities, network is explicitly modeled as a separate entity from actors. We derive hybrid automata as the basis for analysis of Hybrid Rebeca models. In this version, CAN network is defined as network model for communications of the actors. Actors can communicate with each other either through the CAN network or directly by wire.


We developed a tool which implements the core rules of Hybrid Rebeca. No parser is implemented in the current version of the tool, so the Rebeca models can’t directly be used with the tool. Rebeca models are mapped manually to an intermediate code, and the intermediate code is fed to our tool. The output of our tool is a hybrid automaton equivalent to the Hybrid Rebeca model in the format of SpaceEx. SpaceEx is a framework for verificationhybrid systems. Verification of the model can be done by giving the output file to the SpaceEx tool.

Case Studies

Project Members

  • Fatemeh Ghassemi (Principal Investigator)
  • Marjan Sirjani
  • Iman Jahandideh
  • Iman Jahandideh, Fatemeh Ghassemi, Marjan Sirjani: Hybrid Rebeca: Modeling and Analyzing of Cyber-Physical Systems, CyPhy, 2018