Timed Rebeca to Realtime Maude Transformation


The actor model is one of the main models for distributed computation. Timed Rebeca is a timed extension of the actor-based modeling language Rebeca. Although Rebeca is supported by a rich verification toolset, Timed Rebeca has not had an executable formal semantics, and has therefore had limited support for formal analysis. To resolve this limitation we provide a formal semantics of Timed Rebeca in Real-Time Maude. We have automated the translation from Timed Rebeca to Real-Time Maude, allowing Timed Rebeca models to be automatically analyzed using Real-Time Maude’s reachability analysis tool and timed CTL model checker. This enables a formal model-based methodology which combines the convenience of intuitive modeling in Timed Rebeca with formal verification in Real-Time Maude.


  • Model Transformer: Shell script based toolset [zip] , User manual [pdf]

Case Studies

  • As one of the In this problem, the goal is to model a collision avoidance protocol for communication networks. This model is a modified version of the protocol studied in this paper. There are a number of stations connected via a shared medium and each station is composed of a user and its Interface to medium(called Slave). The assumptions are:
    • The shared medium does not corrupt or lose data,
    • It takes one unit of time to deliver the messages,
    • There is a controller component (called Master), which periodically and in a round-robin fashion, gives turn to the stations,
    • The medium broadcasts each message to all stations, and the receiving station takes its own messages based on the receiver ID of the message,
    • It takes two units of time for a Slave to process the incoming messages. The desired properties of the system are following:
      1. The protocol must be collision free.
      2. The round-trip time of the protocol must be bounded. Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CDMA) protocol with timing specification: [zip]
  • Other case studies including Timed Rebeca models and their corresponsing Realtime Maude models: [zip]

Project Members

  • Ramtin Khosravi (Principal Investigator)
  • Peter Csaba Ölveczky (Principal Investigator)
  • Marjan Sirjani (Principal Investigator)
  • Zeynab Sabahi-Kaviani
  • Ehsan Khamespanah
  • Zeynab Sabahi-Kaviani, Ramtin Khosravi, Peter Csaba Ölveczky, Ehsan Khamespanah, Marjan Sirjani: Formal semantics and efficient analysis of Timed Rebeca in Real-Time Maude, Science of Computer Programming, 2015 [bib]

  • Zeinab Sabahi-Kaviani, Ramtin Khosravi, Marjan Sirjani, Peter Csaba Ölveczky, and Ehsan Khamespanah: Formal Semantics and Analysis of Timed Rebeca in Real-Time Maude, FTSCS, 2013 [pdf] [bib]